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Soapbox Science Milton Keynes is back in 2018! We have twelve amazing presenters sharing their knowledge and passion about diverse science topics, from flight engineering, farming, life beyond earth, plant growth, gut bacteria, stars, innovative waste management, mountains and more. Meet them below!

Event details

Date:  Saturday 30th June 2018

Address: Middleton Hall Centre: MK

Time: 12pm – 3pm


Miss Samuela Guida (@samuela_guida) Cranfield University, “From water pollutants to fertilizers: a smart use of wastewater!”

Ms Simone Weber, Cranfield University, “Sherlock Holmes: who broke his helicopter?

Sezsy Yusuf (@sezsy), Cranfield University, “Wind tunnel testing before the flight: How to put an elephant in a chicken cage”

Dr Helen Metcalfe (@HMetcalfe1), Rothamsted Research, “Farming – Not just about food”

Dr Sarah De Baets, Cranfield University, “What can plant roots do for soil?

Miss Sophie Budge (@Sophie_Budge), Cranfield University, “Germs, guts and growth: how bacteria affects child development

Dr Rachel Whitton (@RachelWhitton), Cranfield University, “Algae beads to treat your wee – an alternative method of wastewater treatment

Dr Adriana Encinas-Oropesa (@AdrianaE_O), Cranfield University, “Repair, Reuse, Recycle

Miss Heidi Thiemann (@heidi_teaman) The Open University, “Stellar ballerinas: why are some stars stuck in a pirouette?

Dr Sofia Kourmpetli (@sofia_kour), Cranfield University, “Using model plants to understand and improve our cereal crops

Dr. Nisha K. Ramkissoon, The Open University, “Searching for life, where should we start?

Miss Eleni Wood (@EleniWood), The Open University, “Minerals and Mountains